the Madeleine Maraldi Awards

for Teaching Excellence

Carter School of Excellence Nominees & Administration

  • Mary Icho

    With kindergarten being a critical transition year for students, Mrs. Icho ensures that she maximizes her instructional time with her students in both ELA and Math. Lesson materials are selected and adapted based on engageAUSL/CKLA learning objectives and student need. In addition, Mrs. Icho exposes her students to technology consistently in order to reinforce grade-level material and scaffold when necessary. Many times these materials are used in conjunction with each other to provide students with the opportunity to accommodate all learning styles and create multiple entry-points to grade-level content. Instructional materials are used in combination with student data and resources from engageAUSL in order to differentiate for whole group and small group instruction. Mrs. Icho incorporates technology into daily instruction during Do Nows, whole group and small group instruction, exit tickets, and workstations/learning centers. Mrs. Icho is deeply committed to following engageAUSL with fidelity, while supplementing appropriately for the needs of her students. In addition, Mrs. Icho is also a teacher leader with the network's partnership w the Erickson Institute initiative this year, where she received intensive coaching to propel her math instruction. Moreover, Mrs. Icho is a teacher-leader on the PBIS committee whose ideas and vision have lead to our highest attendance in 3 years and drastic improvement in culture and climate to date.

  • Danielle Dummel

    Ms. Dummel is a highly effective P.E. teacher and dedicated team member at Carter. Ms. Dummel not only brings ideas to the table, but is always willing to participate in developing an action plan for implementation. Ms. Dummel dedicates countless hours to ensure that students have access to a quality sports program and exposure to rigorous units that prepare students for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In addition to physical education content, Ms. Dummel supports content-area teachers in meeting their instructional goals by incorporating engageAUSL instructional strategies into her lessons; this reinforces the curriculum for both math and literacy, and is rigorous and aligns to grade level CCSS. Moreover, during her preps, Ms. Dummel also devotes time once per week to assisting math teachers with small group pull-out and continually differentiates small group instruction based on NWEA scores, grade level CCSS-aligned exit ticket data, and IEPs in order to meet the needs of students at all levels. Ms. Dummel is an active leader of the PBIS committee whose ideas and vision have lead to our highest attendance in 3 years and drastic improvement in culture and climate to date. Furthermore, Ms. Dummel is a recipient of the Koldyke Grants to improve school programming and community outreach.

  • Kelsea McCarthy

    Ms. McCarthy brings a passion for music that enriches the Carter community, and provides students with an artistic outlet for expression. Her music program at Carter grants students a unique opportunity to develop and hone integral skills related to academic and social/emotional success. Ms. McCarthy believes that music is key to the learning process as it fosters critical thinking skills, increases attention span, cultivates emotional maturity, and expands motor capacities. She connects these skills to integral math and literacy skill in order to reinforce our school-wide goal of engaging students in a robust learning experience that allows them to transfer skills across disciplines and throughout core subjects. Ms. McCarthy is also an active member of Carter’s instructional leadership team (ILT), where she participates in bi-weekly meetings that consist of data analysis of engageAUSL data, MAP, ANET, Attendance, PLP, students on track and school wide trends. With this data, Ms. McCarthy is integral is helping to implement action plans to increase student learning. Ms. McCarthy is also a recipient of the Koldyke Grants in order to extend our reach to the neighborhood community and develop a comprehensive approach to educating children, increasing parental involvement and support, and bolstering a sense of communal pride.

  • Jessica Stipe

    Ms. Stipe is committed to ensuring that all student have access to grade-level, rigorous math instruction. During weekly grade-level meetings, Ms. Stipe meets to analyze data and discuss plans for next steps in instructional approach. She allots time to research, create and share rigorous standards-based tasks vertically through the grade levels collaboratively to increase student achievement. Ms. Stipe also uses daily common planning time with grade band peers to develop tasks, participate in peer observations, analyze student work and data using engageAUSL and CCSS-aligned exit tickets and other formative data. Moreover, Ms. Stipe engages students in complex tasks aligned to CCSS. She is also open to constant growth and development in order to improve her practice. She seeks out professional resources on her own, and is not afraid to take instructional risks. During content cluster, Ms. Stipe is always eager to share her instructional practice, as well as learn from other colleagues across grade levels around the best instructional delivery for engageAUSL materials. She is always open to assisting new teachers in grasping the mathematical shifts around rigor, focus, and coherence. Ms. Stipe is also an active leader of the PBIS committee whose ideas and vision have lead to our highest attendance in 3 years and tremendous improvement in culture and climate to date.

  • Carmel Perkins, Principal

    Principal Perkins is referred to by her staff as an exemplary instructional leader.  She is commended for empowering her teachers to be learners and leaders. 

    Amid the challenges of having nine new teachers (half of her staff) and implementing a new core curriculum this year, Ms. Perkins balanced her efforts to support adult learning while supporting and nurturing the academic development of her students.  She encouraged her teachers to take on more authority and responsibility as they developed capacities to manage the complexities of deepening their understanding of the Standards, implementing engageAUSL and making meaningful instructional shifts.  Under her leadership, Carter has become a community of learners who feel obligated to share and push each other's practice in a joint effort to improve student achievement.

    In sharing her leadership, Perkins holds high performance and growth expectations for herself, her teachers and her students.