the Madeleine Maraldi Awards

for Teaching Excellence

Honoring Excellence in Teaching

The Madeleine Maraldi Award, created by Pat and Mike Koldyke, honors the accomplishments and visionary ideas of Ms. Maraldi within the AUSL community. As a professional educator, Ms. Maraldi demonstrated her passion for education and her dedication to the children and youth of the Chicago Public School system by ensuring their exposure to rich learning experiences and the arts, despite their socioeconomic backgrounds.


This award seeks to recognize outstanding teachers within the AUSL network of schools who excel in their efforts to provide a unique, exceptional, and inspiring education to the children in the communities that we serve.

Maraldi Awards Criteria

Highly Effective:

The school leaders and teachers across grade-levels demonstrate an extraordinary will to lead students to academic excellence through engageAUSL instruction & CCSS-aligned practices with a commitment to elevating student achievement through a balance of whole & small group instruction.


Articulate Practitioners:

The school leaders and teachers show a keen understanding of effective instructional practice and the will to open up their practice, receive coaching, and showcase their practice for others to learn from.


Committed Professionals:

School leadership expresses a passion for elevating engageAUSL instructional practices and supports teachers in this effort. Teachers express passion for teaching engageAUSL and a deep commitment to the profession as evident through participation as a PLT (ES) or A-Team member (HS) and on the ILT during SY16-17. Identified teachers must teach CKLA (both strands), Expeditionary Learning, and/or Eureka Math during SY16-17

Maraldi Winner Awards Selection Process

  • By April 15th: Each DSL submits a nomination that describes how the school leadership and 4 identified teaches meet the criteria. 3 of the 4 teachers must be PLTs or A-Team members and must serve on the ILT during SY15-16. DSL informs school of nomination and may work with school leadership to identify the 4 nominated teachers.
  • By May 13th: AUSL Selection Board conducts interviews with school leadership and teachers, conducts classroom observations of teachers, conducts observation of school leader led PD/content cluster.
  • Week of May 23rd: AUSL Selection Board selects and announces Maraldi School (school/classroom surprise visits)
  • June 25-29: 4 teachers, 1 school leader, and DSL participate in Maraldi Winners Retreat at the Koldyke Ranch in New Mexico.