Welcome to engageAUSL

Our site is intended to bring common planning tools in a simple interface so teachers can spend less time searching for resources and more time differentiating lessons and meeting individual students’ needs.

The AUSL Teaching and Learning Team carefully considered the following when designing the curriculum maps, pacing guides, biweekly assessments, and implementation guides:

  • Common Core standards & instructional shifts
  • Major works of each grade
  • ANet SAS
  • CPS calendar
  • Classroom culture & climate

Additionally, when possible, weekly flex days were included to ensure teachers have opportunities to be responsive to student needs.

We are constantly working to enhance your experience and the content on engageAUSL and as such, we welcome your feedback.

Putting It Into Practice:

Support for Vocabulary Instruction

To support high-leverage practices for teaching vocabulary, we have created a new page to house resources from the principal collaboratives and individual training sessions by our coaches.

Check out our Putting Into Practice page where you'll find

  • Screencasts of presentation decks narrated by our content-area expert coaches
  • Materials from PD sessions
  • Reference guides and resources recommended by our coaches and coordinators

We will be adding more resources well into the second semester so bookmark that page and check back. We will also post on our Twitter feed when new materials are added to the page.

As always, contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for additional vocabulary resources.

AUSL Professional Learning Calendar